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Adobe Firefly unveils Structure Reference for enhanced GenAI control
Wed, 27th Mar 2024

Today, a significant update to Adobe Firefly was announced. This revolutionary development involves the introduction of Structure Reference, a new feature of the AI model that opens up unprecedented degrees of creative control for its users.

Structure Reference permits users to effortlessly apply the structure of a preexisting image to newly conceived images. This technological advancement eliminates the time-consuming process of pensing the perfect prompt, thus accelerating and streamlining the image creation process.

The practical applications of this new feature are as variated as they are fascinating. Users can redesign an entire room by uploading an image or sketch of the current room and hitting generate. Children's drawings can be transformed into professionally styled images, or the form of an image can be completely altered – for instance, from a painting style to a photorealistic rendition and vice versa. Users can also colourise black and white images and create an entirely new subject that bears no relationship to the reference image, all the while retaining the same fundamental structure.

By integrating Structure Reference with Adobe's existing Style Reference feature, part of the Text to Image module, users can reflect both the structure and style of a reference image, quickly and efficiently bringing their original concepts to fruition. Adobe's enhancements to their AI model thus offer an elevated level of creative control and unsurpassed visual quality.

In the year since Firefly's launch, it has inspired a significant level of global engagement, facilitating creativity, innovation, and business growth. To date, the Firefly community has produced in excess of 6.5 billion images across different countries, with text prompts supplied in more than 100 languages. The Firefly web application is currently available in 20 languages, with additional options soon to be provided.

The Firefly generative AI models have been professionally trained on licensed content such as Adobe Stock and on content from the public domain where the copyright has expired and are designed for safe commercial usage. Adobe continues to uphold its commitment to develop AI responsibly and has consequently attached Content Credentials automatically to all Firefly-produced outputs. The technology company founded the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) in 2019 with the intent of boosting transparency in the digital domain by promoting the widespread adoption of provenance tools akin to Content Credentials, which function like an informative label for online content.

This latest update to Adobe Firefly, encapsulating the novel Structure Reference capabilities, is available immediately on the Firefly web application for all free and paid subscribers.