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Adobe unveils Firefly & Custom Models to harness GenAI advances
Wed, 27th Mar 2024

Today, Adobe introduced Adobe Firefly Services and Custom Models. The innovative products, which harness generative AI capabilities, will revolutionise how brands create personalised content and foster productivity on a greater scale.

Firefly Services provides powerful generative APIs, tools, and services for content creation and assembly, designed to eliminate repetitive tasks routinely performed by creative teams. These services, embedded in Adobe’s Creative Cloud applications, allow organisations to resize assets for different channels, generate and enhance backgrounds for merchandising and e-commerce, and localise languages and sceneries. They can be integrated deeply into any production or experience workflow, scaling the production of asset variations.

On the other hand, the newly unveiled Custom Models enable companies to fine-tune generative AI models based on their specific intellectual properties, product styles, and brand identities. They can be utilised across a broad range of use cases imparting consistency to brand representation organisation-wide. Brands can, therefore, generate unique content, ranging from campaign styles and backdrops to characters and objects tailored to their specific products and identities.

David Wadhwani, president of Adobe's Digital Media Business, stated, "As consumer expectations around generative AI-driven personalisation continue to rise, Firefly Services and Custom Models are first-of-its-kind offerings that unlock the possibility for brands to have powerful customisation capabilities and more control in defining their automation processes. Brands are urgently looking to Adobe to shift their generative AI investments from playgrounds to production."

Billy Seabrook, global chief design officer at IBM Consulting, echoed this sentiment. He noted, "The rising expectations for customer experiences have compelled brands to rethink how they produce and personalise marketing content at scale. With Firefly, we can rapidly generate imagery and templates in a range of styles and sizes to align with brand standards and enable more people to participate in the creative process."

With the help of Firefly Services, tasks that took weeks can now be completed in days or even hours. This efficiency shift will enable creative teams to spend more time on unique artistic expressions and strategic, high-value work. Moreover, Firefly Services and Custom Models bridge the gap between creative and marketing teams. It creates a shared platform enabling both teams to generate, edit, and assemble content into finished assets that align with brand guidelines, are ready for delivery, and are precisely targeted towards different audience segments, markets, and distribution channels.

With its strict governance and security controls, Custom Models ensure that brands' content, data, and workflows stay within the organisation. Finally, with access to Custom Models, organisations can utilise their assets (10 to 20 images) to train Adobe's generative AI models and tailor Firefly to their needs, adding another layer of brand consistency.