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Coterie launches academy & book to empower partner marketing skills
Wed, 20th Mar 2024

Partner and channel marketing experts Coterie has established a new area of their business and is committed to enhancing partner marketing knowledge and augmenting abilities in this field. The Coterie Academy aims to instruct, enlighten, and certify individuals in all facets of partner marketing, kicking off with the publication of a specific partner marketing book, the unveiling of a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)-accredited training scheme and a forthcoming development initiative designed to tackle the existing skills shortage.

The book, dubbed 'How to be a Boundary Spanner', was two years in the making for Coterie co-founders Helen Curtis and Jo Dunkley. The volume encompasses all a partner marketer demands to initiate, operate and sustain prosperous channel and partner marketing operations. Chapters encompass themes like 'Acquiring the Right Partners', 'How to Drive the Right Leads' and 'What Good Partner ROI Looks Like', rendering it a vital guide for anyone involved in the ecosystem milieu.

Helen Curtis, Co-Founder of Coterie and Co-Author of 'How to be a Boundary Spanner', elucidated: "There are plenty of marketing books and some B2B marketing books, but there are none dedicated entirely to UK partner marketing. We wanted to give something back; we know how hard it is to start from scratch when it comes to partner marketing, so we hope with this book we're taking some of the stress out of that by guiding people through the process."

Jo Dunkley, Co-Founder of Coterie and Co-Author of the same publication, added: "Both Helen and I wanted to share everything we've learnt working in the partner marketing community over the past three decades. We wanted to produce an actionable and informative book that sits on people's desks as a guide that helps them solve some of the challenges they face. It's designed for everyone, whether you've been in marketing for years or whether you are new to it all."

The book also incorporates proven models from Coterie and inputs from the Coterie Community, a recognised group of partner marketers who convene to share ideas, learn, and assist each other in all stages of partner marketing.

But Coterie doesn't stop at the book alone in its quest to elevate the profile of partner marketing through education. The Coterie Academy has also rolled out its CIM-endorsed training programme. The learning paths, suitable for newbies and seasoned marketers, are intended to guide participants through every phase of partner marketing and comprise three tiers: Basics of Partner Marketing, Multi-Ingredient Ecosystem Marketing, and Practitioner in Partner and Ecosystem Marketing certification.

The training programme is dual-accredited by the CIM and CPD and lasts around a week. It concludes via video and Q&A documents at a cost of GBP £80 per person. Helen Curtis explained: "We often find that even if people have worked in marketing for years, they might not fully comprehend the nuances and details of running a dedicated partner marketing programme. Not only will these courses help experienced marketers, but we hope they'll entice the next generation into partner marketing."

Additionally, Coterie seeks to launch a sequence of development programmes centred on enhancing the number of individuals venturing into partner marketing. Coterie will offer training and guidance whilst newcomers are still in the workplace, potentially providing the stimulus businesses and individuals require to show increased interest in partner marketing and help bridge the current skills gap.