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Coveo unveils new GenAI tools to enhance digital experience journeys
Mon, 1st Apr 2024

AI-powered search platform Coveo has announced the launch of two new Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) business applications in a bid to improve digital customer experience and employee experience journeys. The applications, Relevance Generative Answering for Agents and Relevance Generative Answering for In-App Search, utilise Coveo's suite of AI and GenAI models to provide a more personalised, efficient, and reliable service.

The Relevance Generative Answering for Agents tool aims to equip business and IT teams with the ability to provide agents with quick and accurate responses to complex service questions. This is made possible through Coveo's Generative Answering and Intelligent Hosted Search Pages. Meanwhile, the Relevance Generative Answering for In-App Search equips companies with the ability to augment their Software as a Service (SaaS) or web-based applications with GenAI capabilities. This is made possible through Coveo's In-Product Experience (IPX) builder capability.

In addition to these two primary launches, Coveo also rolled out over 15 improvements to its AI platform that aim to upgrade its functionality across websites, e-commerce platforms, customer service, and workplaces. Some of these enhancements include improved follow-up question generation, more dynamic natural language conversations, multilingual dialogue support, and more.

"Coveo has been leading in enterprise search for more than 20 years and has used AI extensively for more than a decade to individualise customer and employee experiences and drive superior business outcomes," said Laurent Simoneau, President, CTO and Co-founder at Coveo. "We're expanding our GenAI offering by bringing generated answers to agent and in-app experiences. This enhancement makes our platform more intuitive so business users can leverage our AI to easily power individualised, trusted, and connected experiences in every interaction across multiple channels."

These developments build on Coveo's recent advancements in AI-powdered retail solutions, which utilise GenAI technology to streamline commerce, reduce the need for manual interventions and provide AI-powered tools for merchandisers. The new solutions announced include Semantic Encoder for Product Catalogs, Native Push Integration, Business-Aware Ranking model, and Search Merchandising Essentials.

With an eye on data quality and connectivity, the company also announced new features aimed at improving the relevancy of search results, the optimisation of site search and generative answers and introducing new protocols to simplify search and event tracking. Among these are improvements for the SharePoint Online Connector, a revamped Sitemap Connector, Web Connector updates, and a new Event Tracking Protocol.

These innovations by Coveo are designed to continue the company's mission of transforming experiences across the consumer journey from websites, e-commerce, service, and workplace. The objective of these enhancements is also to ensure secure, trustworthy and accurate results from the AI solution and cater to the specific needs of different use cases in its diverse client base.