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New TikTok & Adobe Express integration streamlines video creation
Wed, 14th Feb 2024

A groundbreaking integration has been unveiled between TikTok's Creative Assistant and Adobe Express, designed to simplify and streamline the creation of standout video content for the TikTok platform. Adobe Express, esteemed for its contributions to social content creation, will host the Creative Assistant as an add-on, enabling an all-inclusive TikTok content journey from the initial concept to the final publication.

This development brings together Adobe's widely acclaimed creative technology and the in-depth digital knowledge provided by TikTok's Creative Assistant. It will allow brands, marketers and small businesses to seamlessly ideate, create and publish TikTok video content, pushing boundaries and achieving tangible results. Creators globally can now access the Creative Assistant as an add-on in Adobe Express, available for both free and Premium users.

Stacy Martinet, Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Communications at Adobe, stated: "The new Creative Assistant add-on in Adobe Express reduces the time, effort and resources required to work across different platforms for each stage of the content ideation, creation and distribution process." She expressed confidence about this collaboration with TikTok's Creative Assistant, advocating that combining their distinctive creative resources and the extensive audience understanding of TikTok could enhance content that provides genuine value for customers.

Optimising content to align with a platform's unique style and audience is crucial for digital success. Unique data from TikTok indicates that optimised videos for their platform make a significant impact, with 74% of viewers noting that the content stands out. Moreover, brands who have made the most of ads optimised for TikTok reported 3.3 times more activity outcomes, securing remarkable clicks, likes and shares compared to other platforms.

Starting the creative journey on Adobe Express, users have access to thousands of professionally-designed templates, Adobe Stock video clips, audio, stickers and an Adobe Express TikTok video creator. Helping users to ideate, generate creative concepts and refine TikTok-first video content, the Creative Assistant provides insights into best practices, trends, hashtags and more. This enables each post to make a greater impact and reach the most suitable audiences. Crucially, optimised content can be scheduled and published directly to TikTok, all within the Adobe Express platform.

Sofia Hernandez, Global Head of Marketing at TikTok, said: "At TikTok, we are always finding innovative ways for brands, advertisers and creators to create engaging, fun and impactful content that resonates with the TikTok community." She expressed excitement over the integration of Creative Assistant within Adobe Express, stating that it would enable businesses of all sizes to ideate, create and post within one platform, thus accelerating the creation of TikTok content.

The TikTok Creative Assistant is currently available in English wherever TikTok operates, accessible to all free and Premium Adobe Express users.