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Salesforce launches Einstein GPT, a world first in AI CRM tech
Wed, 8th Mar 2023
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Salesforce has officially launched Einstein GPT, the world's first generative AI CRM technology, which delivers AI-created content across every sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT interaction, at hyperscale.

With Einstein GPT, Salesforce aims to transform every customer experience with generative AI. Einstein GPT is designed to infuse Salesforce's proprietary AI models with generative AI technology from an ecosystem of partners, and real-time data from the Salesforce Data Cloud, which ingests, harmonises, and unifies all of a company's customer data.

With Einstein GPT, customers can then connect that data to OpenAI's advanced AI models out of the box or choose their own external model, and use natural-language prompts directly within their Salesforce CRM to generate content that continuously adapts to changing customer information and needs in real-time.

For example, Einstein GPT can generate personalised emails for salespeople to send to customers, generate specific responses for customer service professionals to more quickly answer customer questions, generate targeted content for marketers to increase campaign response rates, and auto-generate code for developers.

Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, says, "The world is experiencing one of the most profound technological shifts with the rise of real-time technologies and generative AI. This comes at a pivotal moment as every company is focused on connecting with their customers in more intelligent, automated and personalised ways."

As part of an ongoing strategic partnership, Salesforce and OpenAI have introduced the ChatGPT app for Slack. Built by OpenAI on the Slack platform, the app taps ChatGPT's generative AI technology to bring instant conversation summaries, research tools, and writing assistance directly into Slack, empowering tens of millions of desk workers with AI productivity at their fingertips.

Currently in beta, the ChatGPT app for Slack is designed to provide a conversational interface powered by OpenAI's large language models to get instant conversation summaries to stay informed, research tools to learn about any topic, and provide writing assistance to quickly draft messages.

According to the company, with the ChatGPT app for Slack, customers can:

  • Get up to speed faster on channels or thread: AI-powered conversation summaries help users quickly catch up on whats happening.
  • Instantly find answers on any project or topic: AI-powered research tools, users can learn and build expertise faster right from Slack whether they're researching best practices, prospecting a new account, and more.
  • Draft messages in seconds to communicate with customers and teams: AI-powered writing assistance, users can spend less time crafting replies, status updates, and meeting notes and more time putting the plan in action.

Zack Kass, Head of GTM for OpenAI, says, "I love Slack Connect so much. We were very early adopters, and, alongside Huddles, it's been the lifeblood of our customer communications. I think it's the coolest workspace communication advancement ever. Life without it with our customers is unimaginable."