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Zengenti strengthens presence in local government sector via National LGPS Frameworks partnership
Wed, 22nd Nov 2023

Zengenti, a CMS specialist known for creating Contensis, has strengthened its foothold in the local government sector by partnering with the National LGPS Frameworks.

The collaboration will boost Zengenti's local government community, with the Ludlow-based software firm set to amplify the National LGPS Frameworks brand awareness and its expanding services portfolio.

The National LGPS Frameworks facilitate the efficient procurement of quality, value-for-money pension fund services for the Local Government Pension Scheme in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The partnership aims to expedite the procurement procedure, cut down on time frames, and foster savings. It also extends its services to other public service pension schemes.

The partnership will leverage the capabilities of Contensis, Zengenti's headless Content Management System (CMS), to design, build, host, and maintain a robust new website for the National LGPS Frameworks programme and its user community. The new website is anticipated to usher in increased brand awareness for the National LGPS Frameworks.

The new web platform will be flexible and capable of accommodating future additions. It will offer compatibility across mobile and tablet devices, ensure compliance with the latest accessibility standards, and reinforce security measures. Particularly critical will be its ability to secure the sharing of confidential and commercially sensitive documents across its online platform.

Zengenti's extensive track record with the Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC) places it in an advantageous position to suggest accessibility improvements. A number of AA-level alterations complying with the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) will be made. These adjustments will comprise changes to colours, contrast levels, fonts, zoom, and navigation capabilities, ensuring the platform's inclusivity and accessibility, even for those utilising assistive technologies like screen readers and speech recognition software.

Famed for housing specialised procurement vehicles like pensions administration software, global custody, and legal services, the National LGPS Frameworks website provides a secure, password-protected environment for sharing confidential resources with about 300 external users.

Zengenti's successful track record in transforming local government websites through user-centric designs made Contensis an ideal choice for delivering the vision of the National LGPS Frameworks.

Stef Robinson, Client account manager at Zengenti, expressed the company's joy over the collaboration. He said, "We're delighted to be working with the National LGPS Frameworks team to help its online offering. It is an established organisation with a significant network of specialist providers from across the country."

Robinson further indicated that Contensis has been effectively employed across more than 30 local government organisations. He stated, "Our specialist CMS, Contensis, is currently deployed across 30+ local government organisations, with great success, and our team of experts collaborate closely with those who use them."

"Having worked in local government myself and, since then, with a number of our local government clients, we're in a solid position to deliver on the National LGPS Frameworks objectives, and we look forward to seeing how the partnership develops over time."