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Douglas Rice, Riko van Santen and Simone Puorto - Global hospitality technology leader, Chief Information Officer, Consultant

RobosizeME appoints new Hospo Tech Leader, CIO & Consultant

By Zach Thompson
Fri, 2nd Dec 2022

The company has appointed three industry stalwarts to its Advisory Board as it beefs up its delivery team and RPA solutions to tackle staff shortages in the industry.

Douglas Rice, Riko van Santen and Simone Puorto bring a breadth of experience across the travel and hospitality industry as the company seeks to raise awareness of its managed RPA solutions.

Rice is a global hospitality technology leader specialising in strategic projects and market and product expansion.

Widely known as the Founder and CEO of Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) and currently Managing Director of the Hospitality Technology Network, Rice provides strategic services to promising startups and small to mid-sized technology providers in the hospitality industry.

Van Santen brings expertise from over 20 years revenue, distribution, technology, digital marketing and loyalty experience.

Currently Chief Information Officer and member of the management board at Kempinski Hotels S.A., van Santen's hands-on hotel experience will further aid RobosizeME's mission to provide technology that positively impacts the real-world experiences of guests and hotel operational teams.

Futurist and founder of the travel technology consulting firm Travel Singularity, Puorto will draw upon his technology innovation experience.

In partnership with Hospitality Net, Puorto organised Polybius, the first travel and hospitality gathering in the Metaverse, in May 2022, now a quarterly event.

RobosizeME was founded by Stephen Burke (formerly of Sciant and RateTiger), is based in the Czech Republic and recently launched its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service for the hospitality industry. Burke remains CEO.

"We are excited to be onboard with RobosizeME. Automation has potential for exponential growth in the hospitality industry and can address some key operational challenges by processing repetitive tasks," van Santen says on behalf of the Board.

"This will ease the workload on hotel staff, particularly in revenue management, front office and in finance teams, allowing them to re-centre on adding value to the business and to guests.

"As a group, we believe our experiences in technology and hospitality will help Stephen and his team grow awareness of automation's potential and make RobosizeME synonymous with RPA," van Santen adds.

"Our RPA services have been carefully constructed with hotels in mind," Burke says.

"We want to free the people from important yet menial administrative and data tasks to let them focus on driving the strategic objectives for the business and building memorable experiences for their guests. The new Advisory Board will help us achieve that goal."

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