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Amplitude announces enhancements to its Digital Analytics Platform
Fri, 16th Feb 2024

Amplitude has announced that they are extending their Digital Analytics Platform. This enhancement is expected to aid companies in gaining deeper insight into user behaviour, enabling them to build improved products and deliver more personalised experiences.

The expansion includes new features such as Session Replay, which helps visualise the customer journey, resolve issues, and improve the user journey. Other tools include Experiment for Web, which allows for the delivery of personalised experiences through new web experimentation capabilities, and the Visual tag editor, an innovation that automates the data collection and instrumentation process to help track website or app activity.

In an increasingly digital market, the experience a customer has with a digital product or website decisively impacts the success of a business. As a result, it is vital for organisations to have a precise understanding of customer behaviour. Insights from such analyses form the foundation for creating personalised experiences, thus enabling organisations to attract, retain, and engage customers effectively.

Comprising several notable enhancements, the new features of Amplitude’s platform start with the Session Replay. This helps companies visualise the path their customers take while using their product, revealing their preferences and points of struggle. Used in conjunction with Amplitude Analytics, organisations can have access to both qualitative and quantitative insights to spot and rectify issues, improve customer experience and drive greater conversion. Experiment for the web is set to be generally available in the first half of 2024 and enable the delivery of personalised experiences through new web experimentation capabilities.

"Understanding customer behaviour is the key to building successful products and enabling businesses to thrive," says Francois Ajenstat, Amplitude’s Chief Product Officer. He further stated, "With these new capabilities, we’re bringing the next generation of digital analytics to market, combining qualitative and quantitative insights and simplifying how companies get started with Amplitude."

A product manager at Homebot, Leia Schultz, explains their use of Amplitude, saying, "Amplitude has put data at the centre of our decision-making process. We can analyse behaviour, make iterative changes, and quickly communicate the impact of our design changes, ultimately giving us confidence in our decision-making.”

Amplitude’s platform is offered in multiple plans designed to cater to the needs of a diverse array of business sizes. This includes a Free plan that allows companies to discover and report on user behaviour insights; the Plus plan aimed at those who want to experiment and deliver personalised experiences faster; the Growth plan for companies looking to drive results and revenue with advanced analytics, and the Enterprise plan tailored for companies with elaborate needs and controls who need to leverage data at scale.