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Story image reveals UK shopping habits shift post-Christmas
Mon, 29th Jan 2024

Following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, has now analysed post-Christmas shopping data from the UK and US in an effort to enhance insights into customer shopping habits for ecommerce businesses. The business intelligence platform, which seeks to aid ecommerce businesses in understanding consumers and boosting sales, can today share its findings which expose a shift in consumer behaviour.'s latest research, analysing data from over 800 Shopify stores, reveals a surprising trend in UK consumer behaviour post-Christmas. Contrary to expectation, UK shoppers have increased their spending significantly after Christmas, exceeding even the high spend levels seen during the Black Friday period.

The key findings spotlight a notable surge in spending during the Boxing Day lunch hour. On Christmas Day, new customers were seen to outspend regular ones in a remarkable shopping spree. Further insights include a peak in spending in the US on December 29th, with post-Christmas basket sizes closely mirroring those seen on Black Friday.

This significant upswing in post-Christmas spending by UK shoppers serves to displace Black Friday as the more profitable sales period and indicates a shift in consumer behaviour. Similarly, the surge in new customer spending on Christmas Day offers a new perspective on shopper habits and may hold valuable lessons for future ecommerce strategies.

Turning to the United States, US shoppers were found to ramp up their spending post-Christmas, with a high point on December 29th. The similarities in basket size from Black Friday to post-Christmas further suggests a substantial spending trend amongst consumers that continues beyond the traditional peak sales period.

"It is widely known that data matters, but customer behaviour data should be considered the new gold, and generating value from the action points illustrated - the new gold rush," says Such analysis is eagerly sought after by Distil customers as they can assess their own performance against a larger base and identify opportunities for growth.

The data mining venture by reveals unexpected consumer spending trends and offers insightful predictive value. This shift in consumer behaviour demonstrates that understanding customer data is paramount in adapting retail strategies to drive successful sales and inform future growth, emphasising the power of data in today's ecommerce landscape.