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Mixed reality studio Dimension launches MAG virtual space
Mon, 16th Oct 2023

Dimension, the leading virtual production and mixed reality studio behind Metashima, has announced the launch of MAG, its first virtual space for interaction and customisation of Metashima. This advancement comes as part of Metashima's journey to become a personal assistant that transcends both the virtual and physical realms, a transformative move following its official launch last year, which marked the release of the first 5,000 3D digital humanoid droids built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The MAG, powered by real-time 3D rendering, serves as a virtual space where Metashima owners can interact, bring their characters to life and modify them according to their preferences. This is, however, just the inception as additional features are lined up for release going forward.

The innovative offering unfolds in a state-of-the-art facility, situated on a secluded virtual island built entirely in Unreal Engine. It incorporates real-time rendering capabilities, enabling users to effortlessly customise their virtual personal assistants. Future promises of the MAG include its progressive expansion into a 3D workshop, a Metashima training dojo, a base station, and a portal leading to other metaverse worlds.

Simon Windsor, co-CEO of Dimension and founder of the Metashima project, explained that the studio has been investigating the intersection of physical and virtual worlds over the past decade. Metashima is a product of their exploration which provides holders with the potential to enhance the Metaverse and spatial computing experience by transcending virtual realms.

"The first phase of the MAG introduces holders to the futuristic MAG facility and our 3D Metashima configurator, which not only looks gorgeous but expands the exciting possibilities of virtual AI companions", stated Windsor, pointing out the anticipated evolution of mixed reality technologies becoming an increasing part of our everyday lives. He envisages a future where Metashima and other virtual products co-exist, offering value and entertainment in various facets of people's daily lives, both in the virtual and tangible world. Potential applications include assistance with real-world tasks by providing contextual utility, information, location-based games, or even ordering your coffee.

According to Windsor, the emergence of mixed reality technologies are already apparent in digital fashion, with cross-over products introduced by brands such as Nike. "With Metashima, we are offering a new kind of experience, both a companion and a virtual collectible. And because each Metashima is entirely customisable they can even be viewed as a high-technology, fashion accessory", he added.

The first phase of the MAG can be experienced via a desktop application. MAG tokens have been exclusively distributed to all Metashima holders before the official launch. Newcomers can access the MAG by purchasing a token on the secondary market via OpenSea.

Dimension, a leading real-time 3D production studio, is acclaimed for crafting high-quality virtual worlds, virtual humans and virtual production for film, TV, AR, VR and the Metaverse. Its illustrious portfolio includes collaborations with brands such as Nike, H&M, Balenciaga, Charlotte Tilbury, and most recently with Puma, where they created the Brazilian football legend Neymar Jr's first avatar for New York Fashion Week and the launch of Puma Black Station.