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SnapLogic integration boosts Optilyz's direct mail automation software
Tue, 5th Mar 2024

Optilyz, the European provider of direct mail automation software, has made strides in customer outreach and operational efficiency through its successful utilisation of SnapLogic's integration platform in a bid to improve performance and abolish data formatting constraints, the two companies revealed.

Serving as a principal entity in generative integration, SnapLogic provides a potent mix of global intelligent data integration. The partnership with Optilyz has been significant, as the direct mail automation software heavily relies on user-friendly customer data systems to operate, and taking on SnapLogic's platform has resulted in streamlined performance, elimination of data format obstacles and improved customer accessibility.

Optilyz, established in 2015, capitalises on facilitating large corporations to function direct mail as a digital performance channel. It achieves this by incorporating hyper-personalised print mailings into cross-channel marketing in an automated fashion. With SnapLogic's integration platform now ingrained into their system, Optilyz has the ability to onboard an extended range of customers more swiftly, and in some cases, onboard customers that previously would have been incompatible with their service.

Thorsten Hemann, VP Solution Engineer at Optilyz, commented, "When evaluating vendors, SnapLogic's team didn't just tell us what they could do – they showed us with a live example within two weeks. Since then, the implementation has been so successful for our business that we have some customers that wouldn't have been customers if we weren't able to connect their platforms to ours using SnapLogic."

The integration of SnapLogic's platform has enabled Optilyz to offer its customers connectivity that provides them with a competitive advantage. It not only broadens the option of integrating customer data and marketing campaigns but also exterminates challenges that typically require additional efforts from engineering teams. SnapLogic's intelligent integration approach has also facilitated a seamless, format-flexible connection between various customer data types and Optilyz's mailing services, in turn, enabling customers to manage further campaign services via Optilyz and, thereby, dismantling hurdles to improved marketing.

Zahi Yaari, VP of EMEA at SnapLogic, added, "Data systems used within businesses are becoming increasingly diverse and complex. This means that any organisation providing a service reliant on leveraging data in customer systems needs to be able to adapt quickly and efficiently. At SnapLogic we're proud to be empowering Optilyz to expand its connection capabilities while keeping its technology stack practical, yet effective."

The synergy of Optilyz and SnapLogic's platform has triggered a positive ripple effect, influencing the global data integration landscape and augmenting the connectivity capabilities of businesses largely reliant on customer data systems.