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STX Next unveils AI-powered development tool DEEP Next
Fri, 22nd Mar 2024

STX Next, a globally renowned firm specialising in IT consulting, has divulged the launch of its revolutionary product, DEEP Next. The innovative solution functions as an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered virtual development tool, capable of autonomously performing testing procedures, writing code from the ground up, and undertaking API integrations. Remarkably, DEEP Next could potentially enhance a company’s development speed by an impressive tenfold.

DEEP Next effectively provides businesses with access to a full team of virtual developers dedicated to the maintenance and expansion of their applications. This transformative solution digitises the programming process entirely with an AI agent capable of constructing entire applications. This cutting-edge model shifts the human developer into a supervisory role over the AI. DEEP Next can autonomously perform essential roles such as AI developer, project manager, or QA engineer, while smoothly navigating tasks of significant complexity.

Head of AI at STX Next, Bartek Roszak, commented on the introduction of DEEP Next to the marketplace: "STX Next has tapped into its roots as a Python powerhouse to design a groundbreaking AI solution. The launch of DEEP Next signifies a trailblazing shift in AI, progressing from a supportive aid for human tasks to a collaborative mechanism wherein humans adopt a supervisorial role."

DEEP Next handles every aspect of software development, offering intelligent and intuitive back-end solutions that offer robust functionality. One of its primary attributes is its reliability, thanks to the precision coding from the virtual developers and thorough testing to ensure optimal functionality. “The system transforms the developer into an AI operator, enabling DEEP Next to operate independently. This means that the human element is purely focused on overseeing the performance of the virtual developer rather than directly engaging in the technical process," Roszak added.

Furthermore, Roszak explained that STX Next intends to bolster its own development teams with virtual developers or AI agents. This will incorporate an extra level of accuracy and reliability into all work undertaken. He highlighted the versatility of DEEP Next by saying, "It can adapt to any industry or project type. If implemented correctly, it can bolster a company’s development speed by up to a prodigious ten times."

In his concluding statements, Roszak expressed the company's pride in maintaining its reputation as a technological leader and innovator with the launch of DEEP Next. He firmly believes that this system holds the future of software development in its grasp and possesses the potential to unlock efficient development for businesses across an array of sectors.